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Training catalogue


European training credits


Studies, carried outside of the student’s country of origin, are recognised and taken into account so that the student may obtain a qualification, thanks to the E.C.T.S (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System) credit system and to a study contract signed by the Erasmus student before they leave for both establishments.


The European credit transfer system is a points system developed by the European Union. Its objective is to create a general standard for comparing the study programs of different European countries.   


One year of studies, between 1500 and 1800 hours of work, is represented by 60 credits.

One credit corresponds therefore to the volume of about 25 to 30 hours of work (volume of work that the student is supposed to carry out). Of course, credits are only awarded to students who pass their exams.  



Study program of BTS Personal Assistant


Skills and Qualifications


Communicating in French and Foreign Languages


·         Analysing communication in a professional situation

·         Managing information

·         Handling conflicts

·         Welcoming, informing, and negotiating in French and English


Organizing information


·         Looking for information

·         Producing tables, diagrams, accounts, press reviews…


Decision taking


·         Finding the problem or need and looking for solutions


Organizing events – functions


·         Assisting the manager

·         Implementing administrative process

·         Project management

·         Office management

·         Efficient use of information technology

·         Organizing an event


Dealing with delegated tasks


·         Managing the administration of human resources in the department

·         Taking part in the recruitment process

·         Organizing and following up training courses

·         Holding the holiday schedule



 General knowledge and expression


·         Being able to make a synthesis, having a structured answer, judging a situation.


Foreign languages


·         Understanding, producing written documents,communicating,welcoming visitors.(in English,Spanish or German)


Economy and Law


·         Basic economical knowledge

Understanding the various aspects of economy

·         Finances of economy including a global view of world economy

·         Fundamental global knowledge

·         Managing work relationships within a company


Management of companies


·         Being able to take decisions and implement them

·         Defining a strategic move and make choices

Mobilizing resources (HR forecasts, motivation of employees, organizing the output…)