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General informations on Erasmus program

Studying abroad


Marc Bloch College values international opportunities. This is why we offer our BTS (2 years post graduation diploma) students the possibility to study abroad thanks to the Erasmus programme. We are also in a position to welcome and to accommodate international students who have chosen the option to study abroad.


General information on the Erasmus programme is given by supervisors at the start of the school year. These supervisors are responsible for administrative tasks and also provide further preparation for the students’ Erasmus programmes.


Students can also find more information on Bordeaux’s Erasmus agency website



Who is the Erasmus programme available to?




How is the Erasmus program funded?

Erasmus grants


As part of the Erasmus programme, any option taken is financed by European funds.


Any student, who wishes to complete study abroad will be given contributions by a European financial aid. This aid comes in the form of grants based on social criteria. 


Supervising teachers take care of the European grant application process.  



Incoming Erasmus programme: What are the advantages for international students coming to study at Marc Bloch College?

·       International students can benefit from additional French as a second language (FSL) lessons. Erasmus students’ timetables are adapted so that they are able to take these supplementary French lessons.

·       A supervisor is designated to support each international student.

·       Access to an independent IT room makes the use of apprenticeship software available to them.

·     All necessary information on the stay of the student in our school is available in the welcome booklet: lien vers le livret


Marc Bloch College has signed a partnership agreement with the Tourist Information Centre of Zaragoza (Spain), with which they commit to take on three interns each year.