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Aim of the college


Marc Bloch College is a polyvalent college that welcomes to its post-baccalaureate programme around 250 students divided into four further education sectors: BTS Personal Assistant, BTS Commercial Sales Management, BTS Professional IT Services and BTS Management of Compatibility Management. 

In terms of secondary education, the school has two European Sections in English and Spanish. This programme selects gifted and talented students and provides them with both practical and cultural supplementary lessons in a foreign language.

Another part of the school’s aims is the priority of international opportunities. Internships are carried out in diverse foreign countries such as Germany, Spain, England and North-West Africa.

 As part of this international focus in the school’s aims, the college is dedicated to democratising cultural exchange and allows the possibility for students to go abroad and discover another culture. Furthermore, we are committed to preparing students to decide on their professional future and accompany them in the discovery of their personal plan in an environment open to business and international opportunities.

 As well as the information available, in the different areas of education in the school, an Erasmus programme exists for our post-baccalaureate students in conjunction with their studies.

 The school is committed to guaranteeing non-discrimination in its access policy. With the school’s innovative architecture, we can welcome disabled pupils and students. The post-baccalaureate programme has always welcomed not only domestic students but a variety of student backgrounds from different Francophone countries and other overseas departments (Polynesia, Comoros, Mayotte, New Caledonia, Haiti...). These students can be accommodated like the other students, in the school’s residency.

 The school, through the possibility of international work placements and studying, favourises the integration of all students regardless of background. We allow our students to acquire skills which facilitate their integration by increasing their qualification levels for the future job market and to adapt the training of students to particular aspects of the regional economic context especially in the tourism, viticulture and exporting sectors. These new skills may be a determining advantage in the context of a serious financial crisis is our region. As a result, the knowledge of languages and other cultures favours excellence and entry into the professional world.

 We here at Marc Bloch college, as a member of the European programme ‘Erasmus +’, want to achieve the following goals:

 - To reach an objective of training performance and quality on an European and international scale. This recognition will allow us to the widen the geographic zone of our recruiters as well as the diversity of our students’ paths. This constitutes an advantage for welcoming international students as well as enabling work placements abroad for our own students.

 -       To allow the greatest number of our students, in particular grant holders, to benefit from placements abroad with fees being minimised thanks to European subsidies.

 -       To transfer lasting and transferable knowledge to the individual.

 -       To balance the skills of our students with the demands of the global job market in order to favour integration and employability.

 -       To be the link between students and local businesses so as to favourise regional development

 -       To value the continual training of teachers and administrative staff and value and to highlight the recognition of staff allowing meetings and exchanges to encourage other staff in this continual training.

 -       To simplify and rationalise the practices and procedures in order to improve the quality, transparency and relevance of higher education.                                                                                                                    

- To facilitate international exchanges and administrative procedures by centralising and co-ordinating the procedure to one particular international affairs office.